Consultancy Services

Walbrent College offers the following consultancy services.

Before Construction

  • Design of new structures to relevant building standards.
  • Checking existing building designs for compliance with relevant building standards.

During Construction

  • Inspecting critical building activities before they are covered.
  • Adjudicating construction disputes.

After Construction

  • Interpreting cracks and other building defects.
  • Assessing a building’s structural condition.
4 Responses to “Consultancy Services”
  1. Anton Belgrave says:

    Good morning
    Do you have a list of certified Barbadian contractors? I am in the preparation stage of building a house and am considering the services of a certified contractor. Also what is the cost of during construction inspection?

    • walbrent says:

      Hi Anton:

      We do not maintain a list of building contractors, just trained construction supervisors/foremen. My suggestion to you would be to:

      1. ask your prospective contrator for the name of their construction supervisor;
      2. check whether the person is among the over 200 trained persons listed on this site,
      3. if the person is not listed, then ask the contractor to send him/her on the 10-day training course.

      Best regards.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir

    Your website lack all the necessary details about your company, like country where your are located, telephone contacts to name a few.


    • Hi Anon:

      We operate throughout the Caribbean. We have chosen not to purchase properties in each Caribbean country. Instead, we use existing available teaching facilities.

      Once persons register on-line, then they are provided with all necessary details for their location, including training venue, telephone, e-mail etc. This method has worked very well. However, you have raised a valid concern. We will ad a ‘Contact Us’ page.


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