Construction supervisors direct the work of artisans and laborers as they assemble building materials to construct houses and other structures.   Since the vast majority of houses do not benefit from an inspection by a structural engineer, the construction supervisor is typically the only person who determines the safety and future maintenance needs of houses.

To address this deficiency, Walbrent College targets the following groups:

  • building construction supervisors, commonly known as foremen;
  • persons who wish to qualify as building construction supervisors; and
  • developers or their representatives who wish to check that their contracted builders are building properly.

 Admission Policies

The normal admission requirements are a minimum of three years of construction site experience as an artisan or foreman.  This prerequisite site experience should provide the applicant with sufficient knowledge to understand all aspects of the courses, and confidence to direct construction activities.

Applicants who do not possess the prerequisite site experience can be admitted to the courses and receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion.  However, if they pass the examination requirements, then they can receive a Certificate of Competence.


You may complete the following form and we will contact you.  Payment terms are very flexible.


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